“UC San Diego Tritons are courageous, curious and driven. We take risks, push the frontiers of knowledge and challenge conventional thinking. We break things—not with abandon, but with conviction—because we know we can make them better.”

Strengthening Connections

Chancellor Khosla with featured speakers John Skrentny, Shelley Wright and Luis Alvarez

After presenting at the March Regents meeting in San Francisco last week, Chancellor Khosla traveled to Palo Alto for a UC San Diego and You event.  The program is designed to deliver groundbreaking research and other exciting projects happening on campus with our alumni and friends where they live.  The Chancellor emphasized the importance of alumni engagement before elaborating on the re-visioning of the campus and the public launch of the Campaign for UC San Diego later this week.  While in Northern California, the Chancellor also participated in an Innovators Roundtable with several alumni who discussed how to enhance innovation in San Diego and on campus, as well as build connections between our region and the Bay Area.



44th EMD Millipore Lecture Series

Dr. Jennifer Doudna, well-known for her discovery of the CRISPR gene, will talk about the impacts and challenges of DNA editing.